Custom Software

DT-Software allows businesses to transform their daily operations.

Unlike off-the-shelf software applications, custom software has the remarkable ability to run exactly the way you want it to. With DT-Software, businesses from all sectors can reap the benefits of better information analysis, greater resources and increased productivity. Imagine a product designed with intimate details that fit your company and conveniently available within your budget. This is the type of product that DT-Software can provide.

DT-Software can work with you in many ways. Mostly, the different custom software advantages vary depending on the type of business and its needs. Some businesses are looking to enhance their operations. Others wish to aid employees while some want newer and better ways for customers and clients to respond to the business. The key takeaway is that DT-Software accommodates the individual needs of your business. From functional business aspects to marketing, the software development process can work to fully customize the overall business experience.

Let’s look at a few of the advantages of DT-Software.

DT-Software allows businesses to operate on an application designed specifically for the company. DT-Software is also versatile in that it can run either on the web or as a desktop application. Companies can now use the Internet for any type of operational need, which can make a tremendous impact on the way you do business.

Large companies are bombarded with information on a regular basis and DT-Software gives these companies more control over that information. Automated direct mail survey distribution is just one of the many ways custom software can help companies better utilize the information presented to them. DT-Software also improves information analysis and collection tools.

The world is turning more towards mobile every day. DT-Software can help get your company mobile with an iPhone or Android app developed for your products or services. Both customers and employees can reap the benefits of custom mobile apps. The best part is that DT-Software allows you to build mobile apps across all platforms including not only the iPhone and Android but also the WindowsPhone as well as iPad and tablet devices.

DT-Software is a great solution for program integration. Businesses in need of numerous software programs can enjoy the benefits of operating on one custom software application designed to integrate multiple processes. DT-Software in this respect helps you to accomplish more of what you need.

DT-Software, technology and the Internet can come together to help businesses reach both short and long term goals as well as grow as it needs to. Businesses can do more with less manpower while producing better results. A company doesn’t have to be large and powerful to reap the benefits of our custom software solutions. Even a small company can become more productive and start climbing the ladders of success.

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Client Helpdesk

Custom Databases

DT-Software can create or modify existing databases written in all of the major database system, such as MSSQL, mySQL, Access, Oracle to name a few. We can also de-dupe and cleanse existing data.

System Integration

Do you have 2 or more systems which don't talk to each other?Do you have to enter things twice? DT-Software can write software which can link the systems together, with no further need to duplicate input.

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Brookwoods Ind. Est, Burrwood Way, Halifax. HX4 9BH

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Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

Brookwoods Ind. Est, Burrwood Way, Halifax. HX4 9BH

+44 744 900 4894


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